Leather Journal Cover Pattern Template


This item is for a TEMPLATE ONLY! You will not receive any physical items as this is for a print out template!

This items is for 1 Leather Journal Cover Pattern Template

You can use this template to sell whatever you make from it. Whether you make the exact tool pouch or alter it, it is yours to use how you like. You cannot resell this template PDF however.

After purchasing, the template will immediately download in your browser as well you will have access to download it a second time if you would like to!

Be sure to print out pages at 100% and “Actual Size” to ensure an accurate print!

You can access the scribe journal template page for a build a long video, pictures, and items I have used to make this tool pouch!

Recommended Materials:

  1. 1.2mm (3oz) vegetable-tanned leather. Our aim here is to highlight the material and allow it to speak for itself, so choose high-quality leather that you’ll be proud of. I chose Minerva for the interior and Minerva Box for the exterior. Both of these tannages come from Tannery Badalassi in Tuscany, Italy.
  2. Linen thread. I choose Meisi Superfine linen thread for all of my projects. Their M50 size is perfect for use with pricking iron spacings from 3mm to 4.5mm. I suggest running your thread through a beeswax cake and quickly pulling it through a piece of cotton canvas to melt the wax into the core and remove excess.
  3. Contact cement. I always suggest using a water-based cement. Avoid solvent-based cements like Barge to protect your lungs, especially indoors. Aquilium 315 or Ecostick are both excellent choices.
  4. Wax, gum tragacanth, or water. I suggest Tokonole, but beeswax, gum tragacanth, or water will also work in a pinch.
  5. Cotton canvas or edge slicker. To achieve a healthy, shiny, burnished edge.