Best Wallet Templates and Designs

The best wallet templates and designs are now easy to access, thanks to the internet and the outlets it provides. A couple of decades ago, if you wanted a pattern, you’d have to go to a specialty store or make your own.

While I’ve made mediocre leather wallets without a pattern, having a pattern helps make cleaner, more professional wallets. But because wallets are so popular with beginner and expert leatherworkers, it helps to narrow down the results.

To do so, I found some of my favorite patterns by my favorite leatherworkers, and I’m sharing them with you. But before that, I want to talk about how I decide which templates and designs are my favorite.

The Need to Know About Wallet Templates and Designs

There are two types of leather patterns: free and paid. I’ve never used a free leather wallet pattern, but every paid pattern I’ve used has turned out wonderful. That said, I recommend starting with a free pattern.

I suggest starting with something simple like a wrap wallet. But if you’re feeling ambitious, the tri-fold wallet is hard to beat. All you need for either is leather and simple leatherworking tools.

My Top Wallet Pattern Picks

Wallet Name Link Designer Reason I Love It
Long Wallet (Looks like a Levi Pocket) Etsy MB Leather Turkey It’s adorable and a great size
Tri-Fold Wallet Makesupply Make Supply Leather It’s the perfect standard tri-fold wallet, and it’s free
Set of Seven Designs DieselPunkPro DieselPunkPro There are so many options at such a great price

While I love every wallet I will share today, these are my top three. I love them each for different reasons, so if you want a variety, feel free to get them all, it will be worth it in the long run.

What Makes a Good Leather Wallet Pattern?

Leather Wallet

Whenever I suggest something, I take myself through each item’s selection criteria. When I do this, I ensure that each suggestion is more than just an impulse buy. Here’s my criteria for leather wallet templates.


Price is important to me. While I’ll spend more on a big pattern, for wallets, my budget is usually $10. If I can get a pattern for free, then I do. But if I can’t, I do take the price into account.

If you find one that charges much more than $10 for one pattern, you can probably find a similar one for less. So don’t stop on the first one you like. I suggest to bookmark it and keep shopping for a while.


If the pattern only has one way to make it, with little room for customization or to change the size, I don’t like it as much. So variety is something I consider whenever I pick a wallet template or design.

When it comes to wallets, a variety in sizes isn’t as important as it would be for hats or vests. But it’s important to look at the measurements before you buy any template.


Good leather patterns come with a tutorial. A video is best, but a written tutorial with pictures still works well. Anything else is an automatic no-go for me because if I’m using a pattern, I want to follow along as the artist uses said pattern.

You can find out if there is a tutorial and a pattern for the same wallet by searching YouTube or finding the pattern first and then checking the description for a link to the video tutorial.


If the leather pattern has specific materials and doesn’t give me a range or other options, I’m less likely to buy it. When it comes to something like wallets, I want the option to change it up an ounce or use different tools.

I also make sure that they are using veg-tanned leather most of the time because that’s what I keep on hand. If I have to buy chrome-tanned for a special project, then I will ahead of time.


My design preference may differ from yours, but I can still spot a good design even if I don’t like it. Everyone has different tastes; the important thing is that the quality remains.

I like to look at review pictures to see how other buyers’ projects have turned out. You can’t always trust the product photo, but if most of the wallets in the buyer photos look the same, it’s probably a great design.


If a pattern is single-use only, I won’t buy it. Sometimes, you can get patterns sent to you, but I do not recommend this. I always print out my own patterns so that I can use them again.

If you do buy a single pattern that will be shipped to you, then I suggest you lower your budget. If you’re never going to use the pattern again, then go ahead and save some money.


The difficulty and time the project takes go hand-in-hand. I consider both. I want something easier if I need to finish it in a week. When I was starting, it was important I stuck to simple patterns so that I wouldn’t overwhelm myself.

Now, I branch out more, but if you start with something more complex than you are ready for, you may quit. Then, you will;l never get to experience the joy of leatherworking.

Best Free Wallet Templates and Designs

Free wallet patterns are easy to come by, but good free wallet patterns are not. However, these are some of my favorite free wallet patterns that are easy to follow and leave you with a store-quality wallet.

Trucker Wallet

This leather wallet pattern is fantastic. I love a zipper for my wallet because it feels more secure. This one, in particular, looks amazing. You can add a custom stamp and dye it any color you want.

Tri-Fold Long Wallet

Tri-fold wallets and long wallets have one thing in common: they can hold a lot. So whenever you combine them, you open up so many possibilities. i remember my favorite wallet I’ve ever had was a TARDIS tri-fold long wallet. This pattern is amazing!

Passport Wallet

Passport Wallet

If you travel a lot, a passport wallet is so convenient. There’s so much more space in this wallet than you might assume, but the best part is that it’s so easy that even a bginner can do it.

Wrap Card Wallet

This is my top choice for beginners who want to get started with making wallets. The video is easy to follow, and there’s minimal stitching and cutting for this wallet. You can even skip final steps like burnishing and dying.

Musician Wallet

This template makes me want to play an instrument. The simple wallet has a special pocket for a guitar pick which blew my mind the second I saw it. It looks cool even if you don’t play.

Laced Wallet

Laced Wallet

I couldn’t finish a list like this without adding something with lace, and I believe this is a good option. I love the look of leather lace, and Tandy Leather is one of the most trusted leather sources you can turn to.

Surprise Wallet

I love Corter leather. Their tutorials are easy to follow, and their patterns are high quality. The hidden compartments in this wallet are genius. How they came up with something so compact, I’ll never know.

Long Wallet

I’m convinced that anyone on your list would love this long wallet. It’s so versatile and holds so much. It’s a little more complex than other wallets on my list, but I think it’s worth it if you prefer larger wallets.

College Wallet

College Wallet

I have to be honest; I didn’t know what a “college” wallet was until recently. Now that I know, I’m adding it to my favorites list. The wallet is made to hold keys and flash drives, which is perfectly unique.

Tri-Fold Wallet

Tri-fold wallets are a favorite of so many guy friends and family members. I totally get it; they fit in your pocket and hold everything you need them too. This is the best tri-fold wallet pattern I’ve seen, paid or free.

Best Paid Wallet Templates and Designs

Paid wallet patterns aren’t always better, but let’s face it, most of the time, they are. For wallets, you’ll pay $5 for each pattern. It’s not a big investment, and it comes with the seller’s support. Most of them are readily available for questions.

Set of Seven Wallet Patterns

Set of Seven Wallet Patterns

Diesel Punk Ro is my favorite leatherworker. Every pattern I’ve used of his has been perfect. I will never stop buying his patterns. As for this set, in particular, it’s a steal as you get seven patterns in one.

Levi Pocket Wallet Pattern

Levi Pocket Wallet Pattern

I come from a long line of Levi fans so that I can spot this pocket a mile away. I am definitely making this wallet for my White Elephant party this year. After all, I needed to try out that new blue dye I have.

Glyph Phone Case Wallet

Glyph Phone Case Wallet

I love all things magical, so this wallet really stood out to me. When I saw it was also a phone case, I fell in love. The contrast, the details, the usability are all so perfect. I Love Eleana Workshop so much.

Multi-Purpose Card Wallet

Multi-Purpose Card Wallet

If you like things simple but with personality, this is perfect for you. There’s so much character in such a simple design that I was immediately inspired to change up my current projects.

Cassette Tape Wallet Pattern

Cassette Tape Wallet Pattern

If you were born pre-2000, nostalgia alone with make you fall in love with this design. If you were born post-2000, you may fall in love with the vintage feel. Leather Hub Patterns is awesome, and I always recommend their site.

Biker Wallet Pattern

Biker Wallet Pattern

Brown and black don’t usually work well together, but if you do it right, they look like they were made for each other. This biker wallet is so cool that you may need to buy a new outfit to match; just because with the intricate stitching.

Coffin Wallet Pattern

Coffin Wallet Pattern

You either are Wednesday Addams, or you have a Wednesday Addams friend; there’s no in-between. This coffin wallet is perfect for that Wednesday in your life. The pattern is simple and so clean.

Floral Wallet Pattern

Floral Wallet Pattern

Did I mention I love Eleana? Her pattern was the first one I ever used, and I was hooked. This pattern is great and I must say that she has some of the best tutorials to go along with the patterns you get from her.

Patterned Wallet Pattern

Patterned Wallet Pattern

Springfield Leather is one of my go-to sites for leather and tools. This set of patterns will teach you how to carve step-by-step. Wallets are a great thing to learn carving on, especially simple ones like this.

Simple Wallet Designs

Simple Wallet Designs

If you have scraps, this is a fantastic way to use them. You don’t need much leather for any of these, and you can learn new techniques from each of them. I highly recommend keeping patterns like this on hand.

Making Your Own Wallet Template Or Design

I’ve never used a pattern maker software, but that’s always an option. However, I either buy a pattern and customize it, or I break apart a wallet I have to learn what each piece should look like.

Occasionally, I will wing it, take it slow, and make a project without a pattern. This can work out, but I suggest leaving it as a last resort so you won’t waste any precious leather.


Question: How Long Does It Take To Make a Leather Wallet?

Answer: It should take a few hours to make most wallets. Simple wallets sewn with a machine will take less, while complex wallets may take more than a day.

Question: What Thickness of Leather is Best for a Wallet?

Answer: The most common thickness is 2-4 oz. This can vary depending on what you prefer, but any more than four ounces will be much too thick for most people, and less than two won’t last long.

Question: How Much Leather Do You Need to Make a Wallet?

Answer: You won’t need more than two square feet of leather, but to be safe, ensure you have two square feet. If you use scraps, make sure some of them are large enough for the outside of the wallet.


The best wallet templates and designs may be subjective, but there are a few most of us can agree on. Pick one or two to start with and take your time making them for the best results.

I love a wallet with personality, but you must know your audience. Whether you’re making a gift or something for yourself, the priority should be seeing a smile on the recipient’s face as they place their cards into that leather wallet.

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