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Compact BiFold Wallet Template

Compact BiFold Wallet Template
Compact bifold wallet template

Although this is not a traditional style bifold wallet, I figured the name fit its character. This wallet is a great mix between minimalist yet has some bulk to it. The compact bifold wallet template offers two pocket designs (big and small) and four different strap variations.

If you are interested in purchasing this template you can access it here at the compact bifold template product page.

Like every template: Make sure to print pages out at ACTUAL SIZE at 100% to ensure an accurate print. You can always use the 1in. test box to check the accuracy!


This wallet while open: 5 7/8″ Wide by 3 3/4″ Tall.

While closed: Almost 3″ Wide by 3 3/4″ Tall

Straps can hold around 10-15 bills without stretching the leather too much.

Card Pockets can hold around 4 credit cards comfortably.

Items Used:

Buy the compact bifold wallet template now.

compact bifold wallet
slim bifold leather wallet
small bifold wallet