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Free Slim Wood and Leather Wallet Template

Free Slim Wood and Leather Wallet Template
Free slim wood and leather wallet template

This PDF download is for a slim wood and leather wallet template. I made this wallet using an old skateboard but this template will work perfectly with any type of wood you have.


Main Body: 2.75″ Wide by 3.75″ Tall

Main Card Slot: Can hold 5-7 cards

Back Pocket: Can hold 10-15 bills or 3 cards

Items Used:

Tips for making this wallet

I am by no means a woodworker nor do I know the best methods to create this wood piece! But I have found a couple tips along the way of making this item to share.

  1. If you decide to use an old skateboard like I did, use a hair dyer or heat gun to heat up the griptape. This way it will be much easier to peel off of the wood evenly. Use nail polish remover, or any type of paint remover to scrub off the graphic and any left over glue left behind when taking off the grip tape.
  2. Make sure you have sharp chisels handy and maybe a leather strop! I am not very good at using chisels but this seemed to be the best way to groove out the card pocket area. The card area is half of the thickness of the whole piece of wood.
  3. When creating the holes to stitch together the wood and leather, drill the holes through the wood first! Then glue each piece of leather on one at a time then poke through the holes using an awl! This way the leather won’t explode out when drilling through.

Hopefully some of these tips will help when making this wallet!

broken skateboard and leather wallet
skateboard and leather wallet
old skateboard and leather wallet with free template

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