Leather Bifold Wallet with Coin Pouch Template

Leather bifold wallet with coin pouch template

This PDF download is for a leather bifold wallet with coin pouch template. this template includes two different variations for the card slots and coin pouch. One with a square look and the other with a rounded look! Use either a snap button or one of the straps to easily secure the coin pouch flap!

I am also currently working on making a bifold wallet template pack which will include this template!

If you would like to purchase this template you can access the: Bifold Wallet with Coin Pouch Template product page!


Wallet Closed: 3.25″ Tall by 4.5″ Wide

Wallet Open: 3.25″ Tall by 8.75″ Wide

Card Pockets: 4″ Wide and hold around 3 Cards comfortably.

Coin Pouch: 3.6″ Wide by 2.75″ Tall

Items Used:

Black leather coin pouch template
Bifold coin pouch wallet
Coin pouch wallet template
Back of bifold wallet black leather

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