Pocket Zipper Wallet Template


zipper wallet template

This leather zipper wallet template is a perfect size handheld size with three card pockets and a main zipper body.

If you are interested in purchasing this template you can access it here at: Pocket Zipper Wallet Template Product Page.

Like every template: Make sure to print pages out at ACTUAL SIZE at 100% to ensure an accurate print. You can always use the 1in. test box to check the accuracy!


Main wallet: 3.25″ Wide by 4.25″ Tall

Each card pocket can hold around 3 cards when freshly made.

Flap pocket can hold around 4-5 cards comfortably.

Main zipper pocket can hold a handful of change/ around 20 bills with a 3.5″ opening.

Items Used:

mens leather zipper wallet
slim zipper wallet
mens zipper wallet

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